Yemanja offers a place where you can discover and explore your creativity. We supply materials and techniques in an environment that aims to inspire you, to shed the tensions of your daily work and tasks for a while and to explore hands on colours, shapes, textures, sounds….Where possible we use natural or recycled materials. Often we start our artistic explorations with a story.

We welcome people from all over the world and like to know your stories, about your culture, songs, music, art, craft. Because we think that living together in peace in this world begins with a welcome and getting to know each other. And that means listening to each other’s stories, being curious and asking questions, working together and sharing ideas.

It means trying new things and making them your own. It means trying old techniques and materials and making them your own. It means mastering an instrument or craft or skill and making it your own. Creativity is everywhere. It is a way of thinking. Out of the box sometimes. Finding solutions for a problem. Expressing what is inside you. Making the world a little bit more beautiful and colorful. Creativity is finding the possibilities. Your possibilities.

Yemanja is based in the city of Almere, in the middle of The Netherlands.

We spent many summers on the spectacularly beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece surrounded by the most turquoise and blue sea you can imagine. Do you hear the nostalgia?? You can see many visuals on Yemanja's website and understand why!

At this moment Yemanja's green colorful van acts as mobile art-studio. Check the art fair /events page for actual dates and places.

About the name “Yemanja”

Yemanja is one of the Orisha’s, deities of the Yoruba tradition in Africa. She rules over the seven seas of the world and protects mothers and children, and what is made from the heart. Her colors are blue and white. The fish are her children.

Crazy Creation 

Yemanja’s Crazy Creations are labeled with a small felted puppet with a necklace of seven colored beads. It symbolizes Yemanja, the seven world seas and the rainbow of cultures and people living around them.  

My professional story

Hi! I am Monique, founder and owner of Yemanja, maker of Crazy Creations, facilitator of your creativity. I love to tell you my story.