Yemanja, creativity as a way of life

Hi, welcome at my website.

     I am Monique, the founder of Yemanja.

    Adding some creative spice to your life will give you joy. To create    something together with others -be it with your hands, singing or playing- gives even more: it makes the world a better place.

    My business is all about creativity.

  • your creativity in "workshops"
  • your students' in "education"
  • my woolly creations in my "Etsy-webshop"




The project Crowns marks this special year 2020, in which the Corona-virus dictates more or less our lives. Corona is
Life presents itself with curving roads and detours, high mountains and deep ravines. Only when you arrive at a certain
Doing things together is a real good idea. It is not a matter of one plus one is two but
Teaching music to primary school classes is not always easy. It demands a lot of you putting energy and drive