The project Crowns marks this special year 2020, in which the Corona-virus dictates more or less our lives. Corona is the Latin word for crown. You can wear a crown on your head as a special kind of headdress. In different cultures you'll find different crowns. There are the official crowns for dignitaries as there are kings, emperors, tsars, sultans or chieftains. We explored crowns for uncrowned heads.

We shaped the project as an open atelier, where young and old could join as often as they liked, every afternoon from Monday till Friday in BuurtThuis Akwaaba.

Each week the starting point was the material.
Week 1 soft materials, like wool, yarn and fabrics.

Week 2 hard materials, like iron wire, zip ties, buttons, beads and sticks.

Week 3 natural materials, like branches, willowbranches, ivy, wool, wooden beads and seashells.

It was fun to create together in these strange times. Sharing ideas and chit-chat, laughing and enjoying the company, tackling problems on the way. Thank you all who participated in this project!