Trees are round and roots are in your heart

Trees are round and roots are in your heart

Trees fascinate me, their roots firmly in the earth and their branches waving free in the air. They let go of their leaves in autumn, endure and rebuild strength again in winter, grow new buds full of promise, bloom and get these very tender and young leaves in spring, and finally wave their leaves confidently in summerwinds. Only to let go in autumn again. A constant renewing and reinventing of themselves. Proudly showing their age in the rings in their trunk.

Oh I just love trees!

I moved around a lot in my life. Both as a child with my parents (who migrated to Europe in their teens) as in my adult life. No roots for me at one place. No, I am not rooted in the earth like a tree.

But there is one place where part of my story lies and that still means something to me. That place is Kefalonia. So one branch of my life is there.

Another branch will always be in Almere, the Netherlands. An important part of my life happened there. It still feels like that today.

Of course there are many other branches in my life-tree. But now, going back to Kefalonia makes a full circle. I am going back to be with my Greek love once again. I am going to live on this beautiful island again. And… we are going to get married again. I can see the circles coming full circle in my life.

Funny when I think about it: for last year’s assignment in Textile Art class I decided to make a Tree of Life. Lóng before I decided to move to Kefalonia. Long before I felt parts of my life becoming full circle. But I knew life for me is full of colors. And I knew trees are circles of life and roots can be found in your heart, not only in the earth.

My Tree of Life consists of branches and circles. Its roots are hanging in the air and it has many colors. Actually -I discovered now- I made a tree of MY life!


Can you find your roots in yourself? Or are they connected to a place on the earth? Are you doing something that makes a full circle in your life?

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