Tasting Dutch spring

Tasting Dutch spring








Spring in Holland. What a beautiful time of the year. Cherry trees full in blossom, tulips and daffodils everywhere, trees opening their leaves with this very special ‘young’ green. Every day more flowers pop up all over the place. We were so lucky in these very first weeks of spring to have beautiful weather for days with nice temperatures.

Oh, being able to be outside in the sun, nipping a coffee, or making bird nests with a group of children, blowing giant bubbles or having a long chat with a friend: everything is better when you can be outside in the sun and feel comfortable warmth! I think only people living in a country like the Netherlands with unpredictable and unstable weather circumstances can really appreciate what it means to sit outside in the sun on an early spring day.....

Driving around in spring becomes an inspiration: blooming flowerbulb fields are everywhere in the ‘polders’ and close to the sea. A red field bordered with a pink one, purple, yellow, white, green all around. It is an abundant short period in Dutch spring, a feast for the eyes.

This visual feast becomes my inspiration for a felted purse.

I often get my inspiration from colors in nature and landscapes. It can be anything, as small as a leaf or a flower, as big as rocks on the seaside or a flower bulb field.

What makes you look twice? What inspires you? Be sure to let me know!

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