Catching my dreams

Catching my dreams

Ralph Waldo Emerson says: Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen. Paolo Coelho says it a bit more active: When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.Well, I want something. And I made a decision. I did not know at that time exactly how to make it happen, how to solve all the problems and issues that would present themselves. I only knew: in 2018 I will move to be with my Greek love once again.

And I live the universe these past months. When you stop paying attention to things they stop happening. When you move with the flow instead of going against it you know exactly what to do at what moment. When you know where you are going you catch the opportunities that present themselves. All cliché’s, because this is all so very true!

For example: my old website got hacked last year and during my web-host’s migration I lost half of its content. Never got around to fix it. Until….. I knew I needed a new direction, a new website, a new everything!

Another example: Two things of my professional life that gave me quite some enjoyable hours of work these past years, suddenly stopped, without me doing anything different than before.

One more example: my coffee machine broke down last week.

And there are many more examples I won’t bother you with.

BUT all these things are the universe’s way of telling me: “Go! This is the right decision. See? I am helping you to move!”

Do you know what items I am making a lot this last year? Dream catchers! Originally a beautiful way of Native American people to make bad dreams and thoughts go away and to catch the good ones. Now a symbol in our western world to catch your dreams.

Well, I am busy catching mine! Are you?

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