Life itself gives solutions

Life presents itself with curving roads and detours, high mountains and deep ravines. Only when you arrive at a certain point and you look back you see everything before was necessary to arrive at the point where you are now. I find myself at such a point. I thought I was moving to this beautiful island in Greece to be once again with my love. And see, now, only a couple of months later, we are moving back to the Netherlands, together, and we both think this is a wise decision. We are going to live in a place 10 km from the house that I lived in the past 20 years. Couldn’t I have moved straight there without first moving thousands of kilometers?  No, apparently not. I understand it was necessary! The past year, 2018, required a lot of my mental flexibility. I made plans, that I had to adjust and adjust again. I had to see what will happen and adjust. I had to wait what I will find and adjust. I had to change plans 180 degrees. I had to leave everything open. Have faith. Faith in the universe. Faith in life. Faith that solutions will present themselves. And now I still don’t know what life will bring me in this coming year. Usually this time of year I do a lot of reflection. I look back to evaluate my year. I look forward to set some goals. I write a lot in my notebook. This year is different. So much change and movement and still not a physical place  where I can feel at home. I can only find it inside myself. And then I heard this song this week. And I listened to it again and again. “Got my own road to travel, My own stories to tell In my own time Still I’m connected to you, everyone and everything. “ (Eric Bibb) I try to savour my last days on this beautiful island. Enjoy my rides along the sea and the cliffs. Look at the ever changing skies in winter and the way the light changes everything in nature. The bright starry skies on clear nights. The storm and the way it chases the waves. Immense clarity and brightness of colors in landscape on certain days. Spectacular colors in the sky during sunset or sunrise. Warm sun on some days around noon. And I wonder: what will 2019 bring me, where will it take me? I want to be open to everything life offers me. I hope you are ready to take on your new dreams, goals, challenges in your life in 2019! I know I am! Ps I wrote this blog nearly a month ago. We are now a good way in the first month of 2019. Snow and cold, bleak winterness around me. Getting closer to a place that feels like home. Still ready to take on anything life will offer me!
Kefalonian door and wall in ruin

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