Earplugs hoodie M (green-turquoise)


Putting an end to a tangled mess every earplugs hoodie is one of a kind, handmade with love and care, to make your life easier and your earplugs last longer.

How to dress your earplugs, look at the pictures in the gallery

1. Lay your earplugs hoodie out as a dress
2. Put your earplugs inside from down up and pass them through the armpits
3. Hold a finger on the backside and roll the wire around the waist
4. Secure the plug by passing it through the middle hole
5. Hold on to the whole thing when you roll the skirt up around it
6. Put dressed earplugs in the hoodie, earplugs above and out and…. you’re ready to go!

If you don’t see a hoodie to your liking, please contact me stating your personal wish in color / material etc. At the moment I am working  on a design for wireless earplugs as well!

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